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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Audi to spend nearly $16 billion on self-driving car tech, electrification through 2023

Posted on Dec 4, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Audi, the German luxury automaker under VW Group, said Tuesday it will invest €14 billion ($15.95 billion) over the next five years on...

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Denso acquires stake in Infineon

Posted on Nov 26, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

According to Infineon, the two companies have been working together for a long time and now want to strengthen their cooperation....

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West Midlands driverless cars project wins £19m boost

Posted on Nov 24, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

More roads in the West Midlands will be used to test driverless cars as part of a £19m grant. The money has come from the...

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AEye raises $40M to build autonomous car sensor that sees better than humans

Posted on Nov 19, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

AEye is a computer vision start-up that believes everyone else is doing solid-state LiDar wrong. Current LiDar systems are mechanical,...

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Volkswagen to spend €44 bln by 2023 to develop electric, self-driving vehicles

Posted on Nov 17, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

The Volkswagen Group said that it will spend almost 44 billion euros on e-mobility, autonomous driving, new mobility services and...

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AdaSky raises $20 million to build far-infrared sensor for autonomous cars

Posted on Nov 15, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

In October 2017, two-year-old Israeli startup AdaSky emerged from stealth with what it claimed was the first far-infrared (FIR) thermal...

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Apex.AI raises $15.5 million for autonomous-vehicle software

Posted on Nov 15, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Apex.AI is emerging out of stealth today with quite the claim — an operating system for autonomous vehicles that will never fail. Founded...

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Ridecell expands funding round for autonomous ride-hailing platform to $60 million

Posted on Nov 13, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Car-sharing, ride-sharing, and ride-hailing companies have something in common: They rely on fairly sophisticated backends to keep fleets...

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Hyundai invests in startup to bring deep learning technology to autonomous cars

Posted on Nov 6, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Aiming to bring deep learning (DL) technology to autonomous cars, Hyundai Center for Robotic-Augmented Design in Living Experience...

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DeepMap, a maker of HD maps for self-driving, raised at least $60M at a $450M valuation

Posted on Nov 1, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

As car and tech companies continue to make inroads on vehicles and services to build autonomous driving systems, a startup that is...

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Chinese self-driving car startup raises $1 billion in funding

Posted on Oct 23, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Momenta, a Chinese-based automotive startup, is the latest in a series of car manufacturers to raise significant amounts of funding in an...

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ZF takes 35 percent stake in autonomous driving specialist ASAP

Posted on Oct 19, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Car parts maker ZF Friedrichshafen said on Friday it acquired a 35 percent stake in ASAP, a Germany-based maker of software and testing...

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Cognata raises $18.5 million to grow its autonomous vehicle simulation platform

Posted on Oct 17, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Alphabet’s self-driving technology arm Waymo recently announced that it has now clocked 10 million self-driven miles on public roads —...

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Toledo, Ohio, wins $1.8M grant to deploy driverless bus downtown

Posted on Oct 8, 2018 in Buses, Finance, News

Toledo, Ohio, is getting in on the autonomous vehicle movement, with plans for a driverless bus loop around its downtown....

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$24 million raised to build an open source network for autonomous vehicles

Posted on Oct 4, 2018 in Buses, Cars, Finance, News, Trucks

DAV Foundation has raised $24 million in fundraising to develop an open source platform for self-driving vehicles, on the ground, in the...

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Tesla shares slow as peers push forward their own self-driving cars

Posted on Oct 4, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

The market euphoria triggered Monday by Tesla Inc. CEO Elon Musk’s weekend settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission is...

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Honda putting $2.75 billion into G.M.’s self-driving venture

Posted on Oct 3, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

In the race to develop self-driving cars, General Motors has picked up another hefty ally. Honda, the Japanese automaker, has agreed to...

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Aeva raises $45 million for autonomous car sensors that can measure velocity

Posted on Oct 1, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

Myriad sensors go into making autonomous cars tick.‘s fleet of Nissan NV200 vans pack lidar (laser-based sensors that measure the...

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With driverless cars investors don’t care if you’re first

Posted on Sep 28, 2018 in Cars, Finance, News

In the race to build safe and affordable driverless vehicles, being first to deliver isn’t fetching a premium from investors....

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Why Alphabet just led a $185 million investment round in a trucking startup

Posted on Sep 21, 2018 in Finance, News, Trucks

Alphabet’s investment arm, CapitalG, just announced a $185 million investment in Convoy, a technology-enabled trucking network....

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