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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Lincoln Perceiver concept is aerodynamic, autonomous and awesomely fast

Posted on Dec 28, 2019 in Cars, News

In the coming decades, vehicles are expected to become totally autonomous, removing humans from driving responsibilities. One thing we...

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Podcast: Tesla holiday update, self-driving ‘sneak preview’, Rivian news, and more

Posted on Dec 27, 2019 in Knowledge Center, Videos & Podcasts

This week on the Electrek Podcast, we discuss the most popular news in the world of sustainable transport and energy, including Tesla’s...

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Tesla patents data pipeline and deep learning system for autonomous driving

Posted on Dec 27, 2019 in Cars, News, Technology

As Tesla is working toward deploying an autonomous driving system as soon as next year, the automaker is patenting a data pipeline and...

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Uber just quietly bought 600 acres of land to build a new test track for self-driving cars in Pittsburgh

Posted on Dec 27, 2019 in Cars, Infrastructure, News

An Uber affiliate has purchased nearly 600 acres of land near Pittsburgh to test self-driving car technology. The purchase marks the...

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Synopsys, Porsche Consulting team up for auto development

Posted on Dec 27, 2019 in Cars, News

Synopsys SNPS recently announced the co-development of a whitepaper with Porsche Consulting to accelerate development of automotive for...

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Tesla “full self driving” preview & software updates

Posted on Dec 26, 2019 in Cars, Knowledge Center, Technology, Videos & Podcasts

Originally published on My Tesla Adventure. Twas the night before Christmas and 2:00 am. The only one stirring was Tesla’s Starman (Eli...

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Volkswagen’s friendly-looking robot would autonomously charge electric cars

Posted on Dec 26, 2019 in Cars, News, Technology

Volkswagen has created an autonomous charging station on wheels that could make electric car-only parking spots a thing of the past....

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The three ways that Stonehenge surprisingly has valuable lessons for self-driving cars

Posted on Dec 26, 2019 in Cars, Perspective

Can something quite ancient provide insights for something modern and futuristic? Well, we know that those that don’t pay attention to...

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South China building new test zone for self-driving cars

Posted on Dec 26, 2019 in Cars, Infrastructure, News

GUANGZHOU, Dec. 26 (Xinhua) — South China’s Guangdong Province Thursday started building a testing center for both...

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Robot shuttles: IDTechEx report analyses major new form of transportation

Posted on Dec 24, 2019 in Buses, Knowledge Center, Reports

BOSTON, Dec. 24, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — IDTechEx has issued the first in-depth report on this called “Robot Shuttles and...

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India will never get driverless cars as long as he’s Transport Minister, confirms Nitin Gadkari

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in Cars, News

As most of the developed nations across the globe actively pursue autonomous technology for driverless vehicles, the question is raised to...

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Introducing the rising stars of autonomous driving

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in Cars, News

Meet the first class of autonomous driving’s rising stars. Business Insider’s transportation team searched for the brightest...

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Human Horizons is building a smart city in Shanghai with high-tech roads, autonomous driving buses, and 5G network

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in Infrastructure, News

SHANGHAI, Dec. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Human Horizons, an automotive-technology company, is building a ‘Smart City’...

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Foresight selects Cognata as simulation partner for camera vision systems

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in News, Technology

REHOVOT, Israel, Dec. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Cognata, Ltd. today announced that Foresight Autonomous Holdings Ltd. (NASDAQ and...

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News of Walmart aiming to setup edge computing for self-driving cars generates both surprise and questions

Posted on Dec 23, 2019 in Cars, Perspective

A recent business news story indicates that mighty Walmart is aiming to put in place specialized computers at their stores that would be...

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The Christmas holidays will be even more wonderful due to the advent of self-driving cars

Posted on Dec 22, 2019 in Cars, Perspective

It’s that wonderful time of the year! The Christmas season is upon us and there is joy in the air. Stores are festooned with ornaments and...

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Mock skyscrapers, simulated rain at Singapore self-driving test centre

Posted on Dec 22, 2019 in Cars, Infrastructure, News

Singapore: The road sweeper and a golf buggy move around the track with ease, jamming their brakes on when a pedestrian steps out and...

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U.S. talks with GM over deploying self-driving cars without steering wheels

Posted on Dec 21, 2019 in Cars, News

WASHINGTON: The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is holding talks with General Motors Co on the automaker’s...

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Explaining level 4 and level 5 of self-driving cars in plain English

Posted on Dec 20, 2019 in Cars, Perspective

What’s a Level 4 or Level 5 self-driving car? Many ask that very question. Indeed, it is by far one of most popular questions that I get...

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Mitsubishi, NTT to buy 30% stake in digital mapping company Here Technologies

Posted on Dec 20, 2019 in Cars, News, Technology

Digital mapping company Here Technologies sold a 30 percent stake to Mitsubishi Corp. and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp., diluting...

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