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News, Analysis & Perspective on Autonomous Vehicles

Reshaping urban mobility with autonomous vehicles lessons from the City of Boston

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Buses, Cars, Knowledge Center, Reports

World Economic Forum, June 18, 2018 This report summarizes findings from a three-year collaboration between the World Economic Forum and...

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Oregon Task Force on autonomous vehicles

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Knowledge Center, Policy & Regulation, Presentations

The Task Force will begin the process of reviewing Oregon’s driver and vehicle laws and proposing any necessary revisions to the...

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IPO Is first stop for GM self-driving unit

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Cars, Finance

The automaker is contemplating strategic options for its Cruise autonomous vehicle unit including a public stake sale and a tracking...

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Electric vehicle startup Faraday Future secures $2 billion in funding

Posted on Jun 18, 2018 in Cars, Finance

Financially troubled luxury electric vehicle startup Faraday Future (FF) confirmed a major investment this week, which will help keep...

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Computer vision and AI in the self driving car

Posted on Jun 15, 2018 in Cars, Technology

At the crux of the level 4 technology are the Perception, Artificial Intelligence, and Control blocks that serve as the eyes, brains, and...

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Enterprise picks up a partner in first driverless car foray

Posted on Jun 15, 2018 in Cars, News

Enterprise Holdings Inc., the nation’s largest car renter, is making a foray into self-driving — albeit gingerly....

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Introducing the Voyage G2 autonomous vehicle

Posted on Jun 14, 2018 in Cars, News, Technology

At Voyage, our mission is to serve communities with autonomous vehicles. We power critical, everyday services with our autonomous fleets,...

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Planning the autonomous future: Episode 4 – American Planning Association

Posted on Jun 14, 2018 in Buses, Cars, Knowledge Center, Technology, Trucks, Videos & Podcasts

Jennifer and Kelley sit down with Rebecca Hunter of Crown Castle and John Estrada of eTrans Systems to break down exactly how...

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How self-driving cars will change your life

Posted on Jun 14, 2018 in Cars, Knowledge Center, Videos & Podcasts

While it may seem like a bit of a novelty these days, the era of the autonomous car is fast approaching. And the implications for...

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Waymo’s early rider program, one year in

Posted on Jun 14, 2018 in Cars, News

Ariel rides after school. Neha hops to the grocery store. Barbara and Jim zip around town while kicking back. They’re all part of the...

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Driverless cars may cut traffic jams, not insurance premiums

Posted on Jun 14, 2018 in Cars, Finance

Advent of driverless cars will not harm auto insurers but will lead to gradual shift in the type of auto insurance products being sold....

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Testing Adaptive Cruise Control using HERE HD Live Map

Posted on Jun 13, 2018 in Cars, Technology

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) systems enable a vehicle to maintain a safe, comfortable cruising speed based on the dynamic conditions of...

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Magna to partner with May Mobility on low-speed self-driving shuttle

Posted on Jun 13, 2018 in Buses, News

Canadian auto parts supplier Magna International Inc. will partner with Michigan startup May Mobility on self-driving shuttles....

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ITS America President and CEO Shailen Bhatt’s Senate Environment and Public Works Committee testimony on “Innovation and America’s infrastructure: Examining the effects of emerging autonomous technologies on America’s roads and bridges.”

Posted on Jun 13, 2018 in Buses, Cars, Perspective, Trucks

Chairman Barrasso, Ranking Member Carper, and Members of the Committee, thank you for the opportunity to provide the Intelligent...

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PennDOT to discuss regulations with Autonomous Vehicle Operators

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 in Policy & Regulation

Autonomous vehicle operators will have a hand in shaping regulations that will govern how they test the technology on public roads....

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Driverless shuttle bus to start public testing in Edmonton and Calgary

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 in Buses, News

A little driverless shuttle called Ela already in use in 20 countries will get its debut in Western Canada this fall...

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First Transit to pilot shared autonomous vehicles on public roads

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 in Buses, News

First Transit is partnering with the Livermore Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA) to pilot the first operation of a shared autonomous...

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Keynote Address at ITS America: Prepared remarks for Heidi King, Deputy Administrator, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 in Buses, Cars, Perspective, Trucks

Vehicle automation has captured the imagination of the public because of its seemingly magical potential and attracts billions of dollars...

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6 ways autonomous vehicles could impact our lives

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 in Buses, Cars, Perspective

The adage that ‘The more things change, the more they remain the same’ may hold to be true in a lot of circumstances, but certainly not in...

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Automotive functional safety: The evolution of fail safe to fail operational architecture

Posted on Jun 12, 2018 in Cars, Technology

Functional Safety is key to ensure that products operate safely — and even if they fail, they are still capable of entering in a...

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